Albanese 'won't do anything about climate change, but says it's important': Murray

Sky News host Paul Murray says “each way Albo” announced his government has no plans to do anything about climate change for the next three years should they win the election, but says “climate change is really important”.

The Labor Party is drafting a new climate change policy which will ditch its controversial 2030 emissions target while maintaining a net-zero emissions target for 2050.

Opposition leader Anthony Albanese said “we determined the 2030 target in 2015, since then there’s been two elections, by the next election there would have been three and we’ll be halfway through the period - it’s always been absurd. Frankly, it’s been an obsession.”

“He is saying we must have dramatic action when it comes to climate change, but obviously we’re not going to do anything about it even if we get elected at the next election, or the next election, or the next election which all happened before 2030,” Mr Murray said.

“And then presumably they will do something between 2030 and 2040, and it doesn’t really matter until 2050 when Greta Thunberg will be, and I’m not joking, 47 years old and Albo will be in his 80’s.

“All of this so you can be the each way bet.

“Why are you not having a target for when you will actually be responsible for what happens when it comes to climate action between now and 2030?”

Image: Getty