Any non-Trump president would ‘instantly’ receive Nobel Peace Prize for Middle East peace deal

The Australian's Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan has praised US President Donald Trump’s brokered peace deal in the Middle East as an “extraordinary historic moment”.

“In the entire history of the modern Middle East, since the establishment of the state of Israel in 1948, four Arab nations have recognised and made peace with Israel,” Mr Sheridan told Sky News.

“Two of them did so today under Donald Trump.

“This is an incredible victory for Trump and an incredible victory for Benjamin Netanyahu.”

Mr Sheridan said the anti-Trump media has been driven “insane” for having to report the president’s achievement.

“If this were any other president achieving this, they would be instantly nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,” Mr Sheridan said.

“Barack Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize for doing nothing and achieved no peace agreements at all in the Middle East or anywhere else in eight years of his presidency.

“Trump, although a bizarre person and someone I’ve often criticized, has got two historic peace deals between Arab states and Israel.”

Image: AP