COVID-19 has ‘insidiously infected our government’: Credlin

Sky News host Peta Credlin says the “cure has become worse than the disease” amid increasingly heartless demonstrations of draconian laws and lockdown restrictions from state premiers.

Recently it was discovered the Queensland government had denied a grieving daughter an exemption from quarantine for the opportunity to attend her father’s funeral.

The 26-year-old ACT woman, Sarah Caisip, was granted a viewing of her father’s body shortly after but was not allowed to be comforted by or comfort her mother and sister, who instead stood at a distance.

Ms Caisip said she “tried not to look at them” so she wouldn’t “break down in the process”.

“Six months ago our big challenge was this pandemic, now our big challenge is government,” Ms Credlin said.

“Politicians on a power trip of rules, restrictions, and the degradation of democratic liberties that’s now making the cure worse than the disease.

“Bit by bit as insidiously as it’s been transmitted through the community, this virus has been infecting our government.”

Image: News Corp Australia