‘Disgusting’ media trend emerging in defence of ‘heartless’ border rules

Sky News host Paul Murray says the opposition research parading as news is disgraceful as parts of the media attack the “real victims” of Queensland’s border exemptions “to save the political victim”.

Last week, a Queensland girl now living in Canberra – which has not had a coronavirus case in more than 60 days – was unable to attend her father’s funeral in Brisbane.

However, after the prime minister called Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the media storm brewed around the story, The Guardian, ABC, and Nine Entertainment newspapers all produced an attack on Mr Morrison for allegedly politicising the moment.

The Guardian wrote “Queensland man’s daughter condemns Scott Morrison for turning funeral into a ‘circus,’” while the Brisbane Times ran with “’A very private moment made public’: Sarah’s sister hits out at PM’”.

Meanwhile, last Thursday on Paul Murray Live, the Sky News audience raised over $200,000 for the children of a dying Queenslander to pay for hotel quarantine if they were granted permission by the Palaszczuk government to cross the border.

Parts of the media then jumped on the story portraying a difficult family history between the terminally ill father and his four children.

"The trolling that’s been happening over the last couple of days because of the monies that you gave to that family has been extraordinary," Mr Murray said.

“The idea that there are so many cheerers of the Left and team red fantasists, who will so effortlessly jump on the real victims in order to save the political victims, tells you a lot about the disgusting media culture that we have right now.

"Opposition research which parades as news in this country is disgraceful."