Donald Trump is for ‘all American citizens’: Former Clinton adviser

Former adviser to the Clinton White House Barbara Heineback has jumped to the defence of President Donald Trump – saying he is not “interested in what colour you are” because he is working for all Americans.

“I am so tired of the rhetoric of just throwing every single little thing you can at a person when they’ve done all they could for the country, they’re doing so much for Americans, and Donald Trump is really not that interested in what colour you are,” Ms Heineback told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“I’ve seen this, he likes people who want to earn their own and make their own way, and he’s happy to provide opportunities for all American citizens, and he continues to improve that.

“It is not the Republicans talking about all of these racial issues, and it’s a darn shame we have had to have so many discussions in the last year or so since all of this Black Lives Matter nonsense has crept up.

“It’s an insult to those of us, people of colour like myself, who do not consider ourselves a victim.”

Image: AP