Hard borders ‘becoming ridiculous’ where infections remain low

Sky News contributor Nicholas Reece says he supports Prime Minister Scott Morrison's push to manage COVID-19 clusters without imposing sweeping measures across large parts of the country.

“I do think, as the Prime Minister has actually been arguing, that there is a case to move to a much smaller area and using hotspots or zones to manage the virus,” he said.

Mr Reece said “I have in the past been a supporter of the idea of using state borders as a mechanism for controlling the spread of this virus”.

"The medical truth is that borders work.

“Having said that I do think that numbers are so low now in some of these jurisdictions that it is becoming a little bit ridiculous.

“We’ve got 42 cases in Victoria and we’ve got 10 cases in New South Wales; the gap between Victoria and New South Wales is now only 32 cases”.

Image: News Corp Australia