In the UK and America the ‘woke mindset’ is bringing segregation

Sky News host Rita Panahi says across both the UK and the US the “woke mindset is bringing in segregation” especially in universities which is undermining the quality of education.

It comes as the University of Chicago’s English department has reportedly said it will only admit students who are also studying ‘Black studies’.

Ms Panahi said this was forcing the people wanting to study English to also enrol in “essentially critical race theory which is such a toxic doctrine”.

“This is what’s happening in campuses across America and the UK, where the woke mindset is bringing in segregation,” she said.

“There’s black only areas and non-black areas.

“It really is almost like a comedy skit, if it wasn’t happening for real that you can be so woke that you start thinking segregation is progressive and is a way to engender equality and inclusiveness.”

Image: AP