It's clear the Australian Energy Council wants to 'hike up the prices'

Energy Minister Angus Taylor says it is clear what the Australian Energy Council really wants is to “hike the prices” of energy in Australia by not replacing the Liddell coal-fired power station scheduled to close soon.

With the Liddell coal-fired power station slated to close, the federal government has announced it will intervene in the gas market and build a new power station in the NSW Hunter Valley if the private sector doesn’t step up and come up with a plan and funding over the next seven months.

“The primary concern here is the impact of taking a very significant coal fired generator out of the system, over one thousand megawatts of capacity without replacement, it’s very clear … you take that much supply out of the market, the price goes up,” Mr Taylor told Sky News host Chris Kenny.

“Now the Australian Energy Council, the big energy generators lobby group, are saying they don’t want to replace it, they don’t need to replace it.

“It’s clear what they really want is to hike the prices.

“If that’s what they want they should come clean with the Australian people, but that’s not acceptable for us, we want to see this replaced.

“There has been many years, it’s been clear for a long time that this is required.

“We’re asking them to step up by April next year, and if they don’t step up, then we’ll step in.”