PM continues to 'duck and weave from responsibility': Albanese

Opposition Leader Anthony Albanese has slammed Prime Minister Scott Morrison and the federal government for not using national resources to bring stranded Australians home from overseas.

“It is simply unacceptable that the prime minister continues to say there is nothing he can do about and he hopes to have these families home by Christmas,” Mr Albanese said.

“Well I think those who are desperate to get home should be brought home in September.

“It’s not like there’s a shortage of hotel space in this country, the prime minister might have noticed that tourists aren’t coming here and hotels certainly have available space, so it is just beyond my comprehension how the prime minister can continue to duck and weave from responsibility on this issue.

“The federal government is reasonable for quarantine. This states issue is just an excuse for non-action.

“The Australian government is in charge of our borders or its in charge of nothing.

“The only thing that is missing here isn’t hotel space, its leadership and the prime minister can show leadership by giving his plane, which by and large is not being used at the moment, to bring Australians home.”

Image: News Corp Australia