'Save me the garbage that Dan Andrew's announced anything new today': Murray

Sky News host Paul Murray said today the media, yet again, did the bidding of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews by pretending that when he did his announcement today, he had anything to say.

“This was breathlessly reported all over the shop today, that the Premier had made some little changes… to the roadmap out for Melbourne and Victoria," Mr Murray said.

“Well, nothing is being fast-tracked, it’s all the same stuff that we expected a week ago when I told you the lockdown had been extended for another five weeks, it’s now another four weeks.

“You’re going to be looking at October, not September as when you get out because here’s the deal, there’s still going to be a curfew, just because it starts at nine o’clock doesn’t somehow make it more fair.

“You still can’t go to work and even then when the regions start to get a crack, its not going to be everyone who’s going to be allowed to go to work.

“You still can’t go and see friends, you can't meet anywhere.

“Save me the garbage that something has changed today.”

Image: News Corp Australia