The coronavirus has 'probably killed Trump's presidency'

US President Donald Trump isn't out of the contest to defeat Joe Biden in November but the likelihood of his reelection currently sits at about a 30 per cent chance, according to The Australian's Foreign Editor Greg Sheridan.

"These have been a bad several days for Trump," Mr Sheridan told Sky News.

He said while the polls have tightened a little, President Trump is "still a long, long way behind" his opponent Joe Biden.

"I think he might have a 30 per cent chance of winning, something like that".

Mr Sheridan said the President is a "mixed grill" in that he has his good parts and his bad parts.

"It's dishonest intellectually to pretend that he's only good or he's only bad".

"Trump now cannot get over the misfortune, which has not only killed nearly 200,000 Americans but probably killed his presidency, of the COVID virus".

Image: AP