There are ‘holes all through the system’ which is meant to keep us safe

Liberal MP Dr Andrew Laming says there needs to be a system of “risk rating” in relation to the coronavirus pandemic in Australia, and it is not happening at any level of government at the moment.

“There’s a whole lot of precautionary principle that goes in on the way into a crisis, as well as medical evidence,” Dr Laming told Sky News host Peta Credlin.

“But once things are under control you should be falling to the medical evidence.

“We do something called risk rating which is actually looking at just how at risk a particular decision is.

‘That’s not happening at any level of government.

“We need to be looking at some areas like ACT that hasn’t had community transmission since April and re-rating the risk of travel.

“What you’re seeing is premiers with a political imperative … where a single case is a political disaster.

“We’ve got holes all through the system that’s meant to be keeping us safe.”

Image: News Corp Australia