There is ‘something really crook’ going on with the Victorian police: Rowan Dean

Sky News host Rowan Dean says there is clearly a “sickness (and) a depravity” within Victoria police after more footage of police overreach emerges.

The latest footage sees a bi-polar man being beaten and stomped by Victoria Police during an arrest, with his father now confirming the man is in an induced coma.

It has not yet been confirmed why the man was arrested, or whether it was related to the recent lockdown protests in Melbourne.

“This is just disgraceful, it’s disgusting,” Mr Dean said.

“There is something really really crook going on.

“It means that the public no longer trusts the police, which makes it even worse.”

Sky News host Paul Murray said, as with all videos of this nature, it is important to ascertain "what's the minute before, what's the minute after".

"But never never never will I suggest it's ok to be stomping on somebody's head."