Trump gets no credit for daily 'handling hostile questions intelligently'

Sky News host James Morrow says the media criticises Trump as a disaster and gives him no credit for taking up to an hour and a half of questions from a hostile press daily and handling it intelligently.

“During the 2016 campaign … we had the media here, in the United States, the ABC, … all say ‘this guy’s a disaster, he says all these ridiculous things, he shoots off the cuff’,” Mr Morrow told Sky News host Paul Murray.

“Every day, I would be listening to the actual press conferences he was holding, the rallies he was holding, he would take 45 minutes, an hour or an hour and a half of questions every single day from a really hostile press, handle it intelligently.

“He’s doing the same thing now, he gets no credit for that.

“Joe Biden, on the other hand, he had one interview with the rapper woman Cardi B - he won’t go in front of any hostile press at all.”

Image: AP